What is JADE?

The Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (JADE) is a three-year project co-funded by the European Union. JADE aims to support the development of an inclusive and innovative private sector that leads to economic growth and development across Jordan. The JADE project specifically aims to improve the technical and business capacity within the enterprise and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

To achieve its objectives of increasing private sector competitiveness, the project will work with a diverse network of local Jordanian intermediaries and Business Development Service providers (BDS) to extend to selected enterprises a wide range of services:

  • Accessing local and international experts and mentors
  • Creating and developing local and international market linkages & enhancing overall value-chains
  • Supporting the enterprises in producing more added value and complex products
  • Promoting the overall transformation to a more knowledge based economy
  • Upscaling the capacity of Jordanian SMEs to compete in global markets
  • Fostering and enhancing innovation techniques/mechanisms within the SMEs


JADE will support Jordanian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that demonstrate strong potential for growth and job creation, and have the possibility of exporting and creating local market linkages. More specifically, the project will develop pathways for increasing local market linkages across value chains, encourage innovation and promote skills development in a manner that leads to realizing the growth potential of Jordanian SMEs. The project will facilitate greater demand by local SMEs for business development services, through its online voucher system that provides SMEs with a voucher to purchase services from local providers — enhancing demand and minimising market distortions.


In addition to supporting to up to 100 SMEs, JADE will also provide 60 innovative startups with opportunities to enhance their businesses through leading Jordanian incubators. It is expected that all firms assisted will increase their export capacity, maximise productivity and create new employment opportunities within supported enterprises.


The project works with various public and private sector stakeholders, including the Jordanian government, local business development services providers, incubators, training providers, chambers of industry and commerce. The project has partnered with leading business associations from targeted sectors in order to strengthen their role through capacity building interventions, developing market linkages, and supporting the competitiveness of the private sector.