The capacity building support to business associations aims to enhance their capacity to provide market linkage support to SMEs and deliver income-generating services to their members. In collaborating with business associations JADE will achieve a multiplier effect in terms of reach and sustainability while benefiting a large base of SMEs.

The desk research conducted by JADE staff identified six key associations with mandates to provide export and market linkage support to their members. These associations were subjected to a legal review to identify their legal mandate to deliver market linkages and export support services to their members. Based on this research, four industrial associations and two tourism associations were selected:

Industrial Associations

Tourism Associations

Business Associations will receive assistance in the following areas

  • International market linkages and market research
  • Business matchmaking.
  • Participation in international exhibitions.
  • Organize national exhibitions and invite prospective buyers.
  • Organize sources of production and promote linkages for the purpose of exporting
  • Training needs assessment and Industry classification to enhance specialization.
  • Membership database
  • Communications and marketing materials to include e-marketing
  • Training and skill development focusing on training of trainers (TOT)
  • Promotion of employment and employability with each sector.
  • Study tours