New EU project

AMMAN, Jordan— The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the European Union (EU) and the project partners celebrated the launch of the ‘Jordanian Action for Development of Enterprises’ (JADE) project on Monday 23rd of October 2017.

Co-funded by the European Union, the JADE project aims to support over 160 SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs and create new employment opportunities for Jordanians.

Over 150 government agencies, SMEs, universities, entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubator representatives, civil society organizations, and chambers of industry and trade attended the launching event of the  JADE project.  The importance of their attendance, stemmed from one of the project’s main objectives; which is to provide the necessary technical support to Jordanian SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs, in order to have them realize their growth potential by helping them to increase their efficiency, productivity and exports.

H.E. Imad Fakhoury stated that, “The JADE project is supporting the ongoing initiatives and plans that are working to stimulate the economy, increase the levels of real economic growth on sustained basis and to create new job opportunities for Jordanians.  All of this, H.E. added, is in favor of the steps that the government is taking to sustain the macro-economic stability, through proceeding with the necessary structural and financial reformations that will reflect on higher growth rates, mitigating the economic challenges the country faces. Finally, H.E. noted that the project supports the current efforts to optimize the benefits of the relaxing RoO measures, that were granted from the EU to Jordan, in-light of the many challenges that Jordan faces due to the Syrian crisis. “

H.E. Yarub Qudah stated as well that, “The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply is optimistic that the JADE project, through its partnerships with all the champions in the public and private sector, will enhance the competitiveness of the economic projects in the country, and upscale their production quality to enable them to reach international markets, which will reflect on the country’s overall growth and create more job opportunities.

During his speech, European Union Ambassador to Jordan Andrea Matteo Fontana said:  “Supporting small businesses has always been at the heart of the EU partnership with Jordan, and today’s event demonstrates the EU continuous commitment to enhance private sector and upscale the innovation ecosystem in Jordan”.

We express sincere gratitude to all the institutions and agencies whose continuous support is essential for the project’s success that are present here with us today, as this proves their commitment and dedication to empowering and improving the Jordanian Economy.” – said Shadi Atshan, the Director of Leaders International the implementing organization of the JADE project.

The Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (JADE) is a 3-years project, co-funded by the European Union, aiming to support the development of an inclusive and innovative private sector that leads to economic growth and development across regions in Jordan. The project is part of a broader EU programme to support the private sector development in Jordan.

The project targets supporting 100 SMEs and 60 innovative startups with development opportunities that would increase exporting, maximise productivity and create new employment opportunities within supported enterprises.