Small and Medium Enterprises

JADE will support small and medium Jordanian enterprises that are financially stable, demonstrate strong potential for growth and job creation, and have the possibility of exporting products and services, creating local linkages, and fall under the following sectors:

Plastic & Rubber Industry

“Home Appliances”

Tourism and

Chemicals and

Innovative Companies Considered

The online voucher system works by administering the delivery and provision of assistance to SME’s by utilizing an online voucher platform that allows SME’s to receive technical assistance from verified BDS providers. A voucher represents the right to claim services or goods from a pool of verified providers. This promotes equal opportunities and competition and ensures monitoring, transparency and compliance. The system can also be modified to enable discounts for SMEs who meet social objectives (employment of youth, women, refugees etc.)

SME Services Description :

  • Develop and improve business and production processes: Includes market analysis, feasibility studies, market intelligence reports, HR consulting
  • Technical and managerial training: provision of training relevant to industry needs allowing enterprises to improve managerial and technical capacities
  • Financial and investment planning: Development of business plans, linking with local and international investors, investment and financing consultancies


  • Promotional support: digital and traditional marketing support, product design and branding, pricing strategies
  • Market linkages services: Participation in targeted expos and tradeshows, and business-to-business meetings
  • Access to expert resources: Develop technical skills and enhancing products or services to maximize output including through training and access to expertise and resources from Jordan and abroad
  • Support standards and accreditation: Support quality certification and international standards accreditation to penetrate sophisticated markets (ISO, GMP, CE, Organic Certifications, etc)