As part of the mandate of the Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises Project (JADE) four entrepreneurial and start-up support entities are being supported for a capacity building program designed to better serve selected entrepreneurs and start-ups. The incubators partnering with the project are the most prominent in Jordan, and are able to support innovative start-ups to move from ideation to implementation stages, harnessing the best of their abilities, in order to enable them to receive follow on support and grow their businesses.

Through the incubators, the project will support up to 60 innovative startups with development opportunities in order to improve their technical and business capacity. As a result, it is expected the startups will increase their sales and exports, maximize productivity, and create new employment opportunities within the enterprise and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Selected Incubators


iPark has continuously helped start-ups become market leaders through its effective incubation facilities and program, globally recognized entrepreneurship programs, commercialization and matchmaking opportunities with serious investors, and unique industry networking events. iPark recently opened the first incubator in Aqaba to serve the southern part of the kingdom. Aqaba’s incubator focuses on logistics, hospitality, and other sectors that can lead to big investments following the high-flow of investment into the area.


Oasis500 is one of the first accelerators and start-up development entities in Jordan focusing on the Tech and Creative Industry spaces, establishing itself as a champion in the innovation ecosystem. Oasis500, invested and supported over 147 start-ups to date. The incubator has extensive knowledge and experience in investments, incubation, and activities related to start-up development, in addition to a broad network of investors to connect entrepreneurs and start-ups to.


DeZain is the only incubator in Jordan specialized in supporting product and fashion designers and start-ups. With such a focus on unique and innovative fashion and product design, DeZain offers access to many resources and experts in order to produce and prototype products. The accelerator follows a unique acceleration and investment process, that is tailored to product and fashion designers needs and requirements.

Shamal Start

Shamal Start is one of the few incubators located in the Northern region of Jordan, that assesses start-ups in both Irbid and Mafraq. The Incubator is well equipped, and has state-of-the-art facilities and resources such as the first Digital Fabrication Lab. Shamal Start fosters and invests in entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas in manufacturing and service sector. Also, the incubator is strategically located in one of the developmental zones that falls under the “Rules of Origin” (RoO) scheme, which makes an easier access for domestic exports to the EU market.